AGCO Retail Store Authorizations Resuming

AGCO Retail Store Authorizations Resuming

April 24, 2020 By

The AGCO announced on April 22 that they will be resuming the issuance of Retail Store Authorizations (RSA) to stores that are complete, in compliance with the emergency order, and meet all the regulatory requirements.

This news comes after the announcement by the Ontario Government on April 4 that cannabis retail stores were no longer deemed an essential service. This was then followed by an emergency order on April 7 which allowed cannabis retail stores to offer delivery and curbside pickup, albeit with some restrictions. Part of this emergency order included the AGCO’s suspending the issuance of new RSA’s until the resolution of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

This suspension by the AGCO forced many retailers to pause any construction work to their facilities and delay the preparation of their cannabis stores. However, with the announcement that RSA’s are again open, retailers have continued their applications, and currently, as of April 24, there are 54 store applications authorized to open, 228 in progress, and 47 currently undergoing public notice. 

If you are looking to submit an RSA or are looking for more information on how to obtain an RSA, or a Retail Operator Licence, a Retail Manager Licence, or any other cannabis licence, please contact dicentra Cannabis Consulting today.