Facility Audits for Cannabis

Gap, GMP & GPP, What You Need To Know!

For most companies starting out in the cannabis industry, quality assurance is a complex and confusing issue. Prior to an organization’s first crop or product run, applicants are required to comply with all applicable provincial/territorial and municipal laws, as well as the requirements laid out in the federal Cannabis Act.


GMP is an industry standard that is observed worldwide. GMP standards are put into practice in a number of industries. Depending on your business goals and the types of products you wish to manufacture the GMP requirements will differ. There is currently no GMP standard for the production and processing of cannabis and cannabis products in Canada.


If you wish to enter the global cannabis market, you will need to adhere to the manufacturing standards of the foreign country you are dealing with. Most countries use the GMP standard for manufacturing compliance. dicentra Cannabis Consulting can assist you with obtaining the global certifications necessary to move your product beyond borders.


In Canada, you will be required to adhere to GPP requirements in Part 5 of the Cannabis Regulations and an inspector can enter your facility at any time. We can assist in designing your facility to meet the GPP requirements in the Cannabis Act to demonstrate compliance in the event of an inspection.


A gap analysis is a review of your current quality assessment procedure, with recommendations to fill any requirements of the certification you wish to obtain. We would conduct a complete review of your current operating procedures to determine if there are any significant gaps between current operations and meeting the standard you wish to achieve.


Contact us to schedule a facility audit in advance of a Health Canada inspection.