A cultivation license issued by Health Canada is required for the propagation and harvesting of cannabis plants.

To apply for a license, you will first need ownership of, or permission to use land or an existing facility for growing purposes. An individual or corporation looking to apply for a cultivation license must employ a Master Grower with sufficient knowledge of the requirements in the Cannabis Regulations. It is essential for the Master Grower and Responsible Person to be familiar with the requirements, to ensure safety and compliance.

Health Canada requires all prospective cannabis cultivators to meet specific requirements before issuing a license. Security clearances will be required for all key personnel. In addition, there must be a detailed organizational security plan in place to protect the plants as assets, and protect public health and safety by preventing the risk of theft and diversion to the black market. Further steps must be taken to protect bulk cannabis while it is in transit for distribution purposes.

Micro-cultivation licenses are available to prospective growers seeking to grow a smaller yield. The physical security requirement for a micro-cultivator is less than for standard cultivation because there is less product at risk. Micro cultivators are limited to growing within a small grow area (“canopy area”) of no more than 200 square meters.

Standard cultivation licenses are available to prospective growers seeking to grow a larger yield. The physical security requirement for a standard cultivator is more than for micro- cultivation because there is more product at risk. Standard cultivators are not limited to growing within a specific grow area size.

Nursey licenses are cultivation licenses available to individuals and corporations looking to distribute cannabis plant clones and seeds. License holders can produce cannabis plant clones and seeds for sale to other cultivators, as well as processors for packaging and sale.

Without a processing license, cultivators cannot produce “finished cannabis products.” Bulk cannabis can be sold to licensed processors for “finishing” and packaging into cannabis products. Trimming of the bulk cannabis plants prior to distribution is permitted as an ancillary activity under the license.

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