Cannabis Clinical Research – Guiding Product Development and Contributing to Scientific Knowledge

dCC specializes in research and clinical trials and has over 18 years of experience working to design trials, obtaining regulatory and Institutional Review Board (IRB) approvals, and helping our clients produce clinical evidence to support product development and advance scientific knowledge.


dCC serves global clients, working to design, license and conduct your approved cannabis clinical trials in Canada to the highest standard of research ethics and International Conference on Harmonization for Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) compliance.


In Canada, under the Cannabis Act, different types of licenses are required for all activities relating to cannabis, including cannabis research. Health Canada and research ethics boards monitor every aspect of an approved and licensed trial, giving you a global advantage through Canada’s globally recognized high standards and regulatory oversight of cannabis research.


Health claims of any kind are prohibited on cannabis products sold in Canada. This includes potential health benefits, nutritional, or cosmetic benefits. That being said, a well designed trial may be necessary to meet your product development goals. Research into tolerability and product palatability does not aim to substantiate health claims, but rather guide your product development and support market differentiation of cannabis products sought by consumers and stakeholders alike.


Our clinical research professionals can help you develop protocols, gain regulatory approvals and conduct your trial at our research facility led by our experienced Principal Investigator and physician.


Let’s talk about your product development goals, the advantages of conducting cannabis clinical research in Canada,  and how your goals may be advanced with a well-designed clinical trial to set your business apart! Our clinical team has the answers you are looking for.


dCC Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Services:

Protocol Design

Protocol Review

Cannabis Research Licence Applications

Clinical Trial Monitoring

Multi-Centre Trial Management

Regulatory Submissions

Customized CRF / Source Document Design

GCP Compliance Auditing


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