Cannabis Byproducts as Livestock Feed

Cannabis Byproducts as Livestock Feed

August 14, 2018 By

With the expanded, legal use of cannabis in Canada coming, and producers ramping up production to meet the new demand, there are new questions and opportunities for cannabis byproducts and hemp being generated. One of these options is livestock feed.

Feed for cattle, swine, poultry and other livestock can be a good option for some cannabis byproducts as a way to bring value to products that would typically be diverted to waste. In addition, these byproducts can be valuable and desirable by livestock producers as economical, nutritional sources.


In Canada, before any new feed ingredient can be distributed or sold for use for livestock feed, it must go through a pre-approval process with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This application process requires you provide CFIA with information showing that the ingredient is:


  1. safe for the livestock you plan to feed it to,
  2. has a feed purpose (typically providing some nutrition) and
  3. is efficacious at that purpose.



CFIA evaluators will review this information and, if successful, you will receive a registration number and will be able to compliantly sell the ingredient for use in animal feed in Canada.


CFIA has varying information requirements needed in a feed application, depending on the ingredient and use. For cannabis and hemp products, the information CFIA is requesting is significant, with additional research potentially needed prior to the final application to assure that the ingredients are safe. Given the nature and attention associated with the cannabis industry, the CFIA’s approval process is expected to be thorough and time consuming.


If you are looking to find alternatives and plan for some of your cannabis byproducts, now is an ideal time to start considering and preparing for these pathways. If you have questions about the regulatory hurdles and options available for your hemp and cannabis byproducts, contact dicentra Cannabis Consulting and let’s get started.


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