dicentra Cannabis Consulting (dCC) Has Been Invited to Share Expertise on Several Leading Cannabis Committees

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dicentra Cannabis Consulting (dCC), Canada’s leading consultancy for the cannabis industry, has been invited to participate in several cannabis committees for their expertise on the regulatory framework in Canada. The dCC team has a diverse background and expertise ranging from medical doctors, lawyers, former Health Canada officials, and engineering consultants, which will continue to shape the current and future conversation surrounding cannabis.

dCC is honoured to be participating in the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) CBD (Cannabidiol) Working Group, the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Cannabis Committee and Government Relations Committee, and the Direct Sellers Association of Canada (DSA) Health & Environment Committee.

“We’re excited to take part in important conversations that are at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Canadians want and deserve better access to CBD health products as well as cannabis in the retail environment as the current framework is not meeting the demand in Canada. Through our involvement with cannabis focus groups and committees such as CHFA, AHPA, and DSA Canada we’re encouraged that key stakeholders are creating impactful change for the future of cannabis regulations,” said Peter Wojewnik, Vice President of Growth, Marketing & Sales, dCC.

CHFA CBD Working Group

The purpose of CHFA’s CBD Working Group is to provide advice and guidance on the Association’s ongoing campaign for a regulatory pathway permitting the sale of CBD in natural health products (NHPs). The Working Group is briefed on relevant regulatory and/or policy issues of concern with regards to CBD health products, and members are asked to provide advice and feedback to CHFA on issues of concern.

“The CHFA strives to improve Canada’s CBD framework through collaboration with fellow stakeholders in the natural health industry. The CHFA CBD Working Group aims to shape the future regulatory framework for CBD health products and we’re grateful to have dCC share their expertise and insights on the changing regulatory landscape,” said Dan Demers, Vice President, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Canadian Health Food Association.

American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Cannabis Committee and Government Relations Committee

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) addresses issues related to the safe use and responsible commerce of legally-marketed products derived from Cannabis species. Working to institute a level playing field can help ensure the cannabis market has a long future as a significant segment of the herb industry. For those companies intending to build long term, sustainable businesses, involvement in AHPA demonstrates that the responsible core of the industry is viewed by regulatory agencies and legislators as just that.

“We’re honored to have dCC join our Cannabis Committee and Government Relations Committee. Their dedication along with the rest of the committee members are actively paving the way for regulatory and legislative stability for the cannabis industry. As the voice of the herbal products industry, AHPA focuses on promoting the responsible commerce of hemp and CBD products,” said Michael McGuffin, President of American Herbal Products Association.

Direct Sellers Association (DSA) Canada – Health & Environment Committee

The role of the DSA Health & Environment Committee is to review and report on federal, municipal, provincial and legislative issues that affect direct selling companies, particularly those issues that relate to health product regulation and product stewardship. Furthermore, the committee works with government representatives to ensure a positive relationship and a strong legislative presence.

“The Direct Sellers Association is working with its members and other stakeholders to ensure that CBD-based health products are appropriately regulated in Canada. Many of our members are successfully and safely marketing products containing CBD in other jurisdictions, and we would like these companies and our wider membership to have the chance to offer similar products to their customers in Canada. Our Health & Environment Committee, which includes representatives of dCC, is proudly working to advocate for direct selling’s role in the CBD marketplace,” said Peter Maddox, President of Direct Sellers Association Canada.

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