EU GMP for Exporting Cannabis

Want to get your cannabis into the European market?

Canada has been in the global headlines lately because of cannabis legalization. With the inventory that is available in Canada, there are potential opportunities that Canadian producers should take advantage of and should be aware of. With legalization allowing for the import and export of cannabis for medical purposes and research, ensuring your facility is compliant with the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices (EU GMP) is a requirement.

European countries such as Germany have legalized cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. Looking at the development in the pharmaceutical market and economy in Germany, countries like Denmark and Portugal are progressing towards legalizing cannabis for medical purposes as well. The European market has seen growth in the first and second quarter of this year in comparison to previous years.

Germany is currently in the process of licensing cannabis cultivators in their country; cultivation is expected in 2019. Now is the time for Canadian producers to invest time and resources to enter the European market. There are some regulatory steps that you need to take as an exporter of cannabis that we, at dicentra Cannabis Consulting, can help you with.


We are here to answer all your questions including:

  • Why do I need to get EU GMP certification even though Canada has a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with the EU?
  • Do I require the written confirmation?
  • What is the necessary process for receiving EU GMP certification?
  • What is EudraGMP database?


In addition to answering all your questions in regard to EU GMP certification, we provide services like:

  • SOP review
  • SOP preparation
  • Mock facility audits
  • Audit preparation
  • QMS (Quality Management System) review
  • Quality documents review


We at dicentra have the team with the skills and knowledge required to assist you in completing your application (many are former Health Canada officials). We have been navigating Health Canada on your behalf since 2002. Improve your chances of success within Canada’s legalized cannabis industry by calling us now at 1-866-647-3279 or by email at