dicentra Cannabis Consulting (dCC) Announces Two New Online Training Programs to Help Cannabis Experts Comply with Regulatory Standards

dicentra Cannabis Consulting (dCC) Announces Two New Online Training Programs to Help Cannabis Experts Comply with Regulatory Standards

September 19, 2019 By

dicentra Cannabis Consulting (dCC), Canada’s leading consulting firm for the cannabis industry, has launched two new online training programs: Cannabis Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Cannabis Food Safety (HAACP) for Edibles. The two programs provide comprehensive, effective, and certified training for cannabis industry professionals.

dCC’s Cannabis GMP Online Training is designed for companies involved in growing, cultivating or processing cannabis into finished product formats (e.g. oils, extracts, etc.). This program is strategically based on the Canadian natural health product GMP requirements. Canada is the first G7 nation in the world to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use. Training participants will save money, have unlimited access for users, and fulfil all GMP training requirements. At the end of the training participants that successfully pass the test will receive a certificate of GMP training that can be used as proof of training during audits and for potential employment.


dCC’s Cannabis Food Safety Online Training is based on the global HACCP Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The program is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to meeting the training requirements for maintaining a HACCP Food Safety Management System for cannabis edibles. This course will help participants to identify the causes of food-borne illness, understand the 7 HACCP principles, develop standard operating procedures for food safety and defense, determine and apply critical control points, complete monitoring forms, and determine effective corrective actions. Ongoing HACCP training is required for all professionals involved in food processing, distribution and warehousing. Most companies have adopted the practice of requiring their staff to participate in HACCP training once per year.


“Our online training programs will ensure that cannabis professionals have successfully completed the necessary training requirements to run a robust and efficient operation. Companies need to ensure that their employees have a complete understanding of compliance with the current regulatory standards. Our programs offer an easy and cost-effective solution. And if you have multiple locations, our online training makes it even easier to ensure proof of training is consistent for all your staff,” said Peter Wojewnik, Vice President of Growth, Marketing & Sales, dCC.


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