Ontario to Accept Cannabis Retail Licence Applications December 17

Ontario to Accept Cannabis Retail Licence Applications December 17

November 14, 2018 By

Sources confirm date for accepting Ontario cannabis retail applications: December 17

  • Applications will be accepted by AGCO starting December 17, 2018
  • Regulations and requirements for retail cannabis stores operating in Ontario are expected to be released any day
  • Application fee for Ontario Cannabis Retail Store Licence: $10,000
  • Application fee for a Cannabis Retail Manager Licence: $1,000

First mover advantage is incredibly important in the cannabis retail sector, allowing those that are granted a licence first the opportunity to develop their brand and a loyal clientele ahead of applicants waiting in queue for their licence.

Cannabis retailers within Ontario must purchase supply directly from the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation. Until a greater number of producers are licensed by Health Canada, many retail stores will see a similar selection of products available for consumers to purchase.

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