Organic Council Cannabis Webinar, November 28

Organic Council Cannabis Webinar, November 28

November 6, 2018 By

The Organic Council of Ontario and Canadian Organic Growers invite you to this webinar series that discusses some of the issues currently up for debate during the current Canadian Organic Standards’ review process. Our sixth webinar is about organic cannabis!

On October 17th, the Canadian federal government legalized cannabis. Many recreational cannabis related industries including organic cannabis businesses are continuing to grow as a result of this legislation. Join our panel of industry experts to learn more about how organic cannabis differs in production methods, certification and safety standards, final product and why it’s important to consider this emerging market in light of the Canada Organic Standards review.

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Av Singh, Cannabis Consultant

David Perron, The Green Organic Dutchman

dCC dicentra Cannabis Consulting

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Adam Gibson, Canadian Health Food Association

David Cohlmeyer, consultant on behalf of dicentra Cannabis Consulting