Cannabis Cultivation and Renewable Energy

Cannabis Cultivation and Renewable Energy

May 24, 2018 By

As Canada moves forward to legalizing cannabis, there’s a lot for the government and newcomers to the industry to consider in terms of the best ways to handle production. One area to consider should be sustainability throughout the cannabis cultivation process. A number of newcomers are opting to grow cannabis in enclosed spaces like warehouses, however, indoor cultivation is notoriously energy consuming. Enclosed production requires electricity through the use of high-intensity lamps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and more.

With Health Canada streamlining its application processes for new growers to receive production licences, and with the country’s most established licensed producers doubling down on production, experts are warning of the environmental impact as the demand for power in this industry is expected to increase considerably. This growth occurs at a time when global leaders struggle with creating effective climate policy without affecting economics.

The future of the cannabis industry is wide open, however, climate and regulatory policies lag behind the increasing demand for sustainably grown marijuana.

Achieving More Sustainable Cannabis Production

As policies and regulations are planned and developed, regulators should consider developing green standards that address energy use, water consumption and best cannabis cultivation practices. At the same time, they should encourage and help newcomers and existing producers to prioritize sustainability (with the creation of green tax credits, for example).

Also, considering the soaring utility costs, growers should try reducing energy use to be more competitive. Growers should assess the potential to invest in renewable energy alternatives, for example solar energy, when evaluating factors such as cost, existing infrastructure, location, energy demand, and facility size.

Going full green and having a renewable energy-powered grow facility operation is an incredible decision for any progressive company. A company striving for technological innovations, not only in production and delivery but also in energy and natural resources conservation, demonstrates a willingness to change, to rise up to the challenges of our time, to be creative, and to be adaptable. Cannabis is a very lucrative industry with great opportunity for companies to achieve the most ecologically sound marijuana cultivation and to consider the environmental impact of grow operations and the future of our home planet.

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