Micro Cultivation of Cannabis in Canada

Are you looking to become a craft cannabis or micro-grower?

With the legalization of adult recreational cannabis comes the possibility of micro or “craft” growers. The intent of this license level is to enable the participation of small scale growers, who would be authorized to conduct the same activities as a “standard cultivator”.


A micro-cultivation licence would authorize the cultivation of cannabis plants, and to produce cannabis seeds, cannabis plants, fresh cannabis and dried cannabis. A micro or craft grower would be authorized to conduct many of the same activities as a standard cultivator with the exception of selling directly to the public. The size threshold for a micro grower or processor is limited to 200 square meters (see diagram for a sense of size) and a microprocessor would be limited to 600kg annually.


micro cultivation 200 square metersThis is a new level of licensing and all of the details have not yet been ironed out but certain regulatory requirements for micro cultivation would be reduced as compared with regulatory requirements for standard cultivation, reflecting differences in the level of risk related to the scale of the operation.


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